Celtics turn the tables

The Boston Celtics have turned around their Eastern Conference Finals series with Miami by coming from 2 games down, to lead the series 3-2.

The three veterans of the Celtics (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen) have shown the “big  three” from the Heat (Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh) a thing or two about clutch plays and post-regular season efficiency.

Now the Heat (my beloved Heat) have to win the next two games against Boston, just to go through to the NBA Finals, what a tall order that is.

I can’t write this post without giving a mention to Rajon Rondo. If I had to choose one word to sum him up, I’d choose “wow”. Which, coincidentally, is the same word I used to sum up LeBron James two seasons ago.

Rondo is the next big thing. The best thing I remember about him is when he hyper-extended his elbow part way through a game, but then came back and played pretty much with one arm for the rest of the game. What a pro.

As I said before, Miami Heat are my team. Any of you who know anything about the NBA will probably think “oh, yep, they have three of the best players around, of COURSE you support the Heat.” But that’s not it. I’ve been with them since 2005. Through the Championship winning years of 2005/06 and still there through the 62 game loss season in 2008. Basically, ever since I was compared to Shaq on the court, I’ve followed the Heat.

I’m just praying that on Thursday night they can come away with a win to take it to a decider. I’ll be up with my coffee and sugar snacks, hoping that the adrenaline can keep me awake.

But what can Miami actually do to stop the Celtics? Well, back to basics! Let the big three do what they do best; turn defence into offence and run. Run all night, fast breaks, help defence, and full-court pressure. Dwyane Wade can go quiet for a whole half at times, but the playoffs is really where LeBron needs to take a step forward and say “ok, I want a ring. Give me the ball, run me an isolation play and get out of my way.” In my eyes, it’s the only way.

That way, you can have Bosh, Haslem, Battier and even Wade crashing the boards to make sure that second chances are maximised.

But like I said. You’re playing against the Celtics. It’s never going to be that easy. Their experience and outright stubbornness to not be beaten is unrivaled, so it’s going to be hard, but not impossible. Every part of me is going to be crossed!

Oh, and for all those who doubt my story about my loyalty to the Heat, here’s something for you!

A couple of Miami Heat jerseys, Heat shorts, and my old jersey from “back in the day”


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