Murray disappoints again

Will Andy Murray ever win a Grand Slam?

Probably. But once again, it won't be the French Open, he just isn't made for Roland Garros.

David Ferrer was just too good for him today. Every ball he hit was hit with pace, power and accuracy – a very good day at the office for the Spaniard.

The one thing about Ferrer, which makes him so unlike any other player, is that plain annoyance on the court. He’d run into the stands if he could, just to make you play one more shot to win the point. He never lets go of a point.

Murray is usually good at that himself, but maybe the psychology got to him? It was hyped up before the match that Murray had never beaten Ferrer on a clay court, and that run continues.

There’s just something about Andy Murray which says to me, he’s not quite at that level where he’ll beat the ‘others’ above him. When they are losing, they come back and win, just like Djokovic and Federer proved yesterday.

But when Murray is down, it’s head shakes, frustrated shouts and helpless looks to his family and coach in the stands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a professional tennis player, nor have I ever been any good at tennis, but surely the same goes for all sports? When you’re losing, don’t lose your head, otherwise things get worse; wrong and rash decisions are made and you start to doubt your own abilities, so from an outsiders view, this is fundamentally wrong with Murray’s game.

My step-grandparents told me that they knew Andy Murray when he was growing up, and he’s always had that moody look about him, and it was actually Sean Connery who spotted him and helped him progress with his tennis. I’m not sure how much of that is true, but if it is, then maybe Mr Connery can give the British No.1 a quick lesson on how to stay cool.

As I said in my previous post, Andy Murray will “probably be left in the locker room with bloody knuckles”, and here he is again, ruing missed chances.

I had to watch the game from a French stream online, because I don’t get EuroSport or ITV4, so I couldn’t understand what the “expert” commentators had to say on the game, but all I could gather was the number of unforced errors and lack of first serves made by Murray – not his usual self.

There were glimpses of what could have been, what should have been. But for now, Murray is going to have to wait for the next major to come along, and once again be Britain’s only realistic hope of winning anything in the tennis world.

Maybe Wimbledon will be the one for him this year.


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