Heat defeat Celtics

Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics to progress to the NBA Finals.

The Heat were crowned Eastern Conference champions and are set to match up against the young, exciting and explosive Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) in the NBA Finals.

OKC have an amazing record so far this post season of 12 wins and only 3 defeats, proving to the critics that a highly charged, almost purely offensive team, can get to the finals, and maybe win it all.

Compare that to the 12 wins and 6 defeats of Miami, and you realise that OKC not only look the favourites to win, but have also played three fewer games, so should be more rested and fresh.

Managing to stop San Antonio in the Western Conference Finals can be classed as a successful season already, can’t it? I certainly think so. Especially after coming from 2-0 down to win the series 4-2. That shows heart, determination and most definitely a championship winning mentality, but by mere kids in comparison to the veterans of the Spurs.

For much of this final game between Boston and Miami, the lead went back and forth and it wasn’t until the final two minutes of the fourth quarter that it was clear Miami was going to win.

There were some monumental contributions on both teams.

LeBron James scored a hefty 31 points and chipped in with 12 rebounds, playing all but 28 seconds of the game.

Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade’s contributions (19 and 23 respectively) kept the scoreboard moving to keep up with Boston when they were down, and you can’t ignore Shane Battier, who scored 12 points, all of them being huge 3-pointers.

Boston’s points were spread equally, with their starting five scoring all but 2 of the teams points.

But their main problem was with rebounding. Only Rondo got 10, out-rebounding the much taller Garnett and Brandon Bass, so that’s where the game was not necessarily won by the heat, but lost by the Celtics. They allowed for 9 offensive rebounds which, if all converted, turns into at least 18 points.

On to the Finals

The 2012 NBA Finals are setting up to be the most exciting Finals for years; probably since  2006 when Miami came back from 2-0 down against Dallas to snatch an unlikely title.

Because of the athleticism, speed and flair of both these teams, every single game of the finals is going to be something special to watch, even if you aren’t a basketball fan, this series will convert you.


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