Final test ends in draw

The final test between England and West Indies at Edgebaston was drawn.

After the first two days, and the final one, were washed out, a draw was the inevitable result, and although when there was play, it was something special.

A new world record.

Set by Tino Best, the Windies number 11, who scored the most runs ever by a last batsman – 95!

In this test England went back to the days of old when they would rattle through the top and middle order before failing to knock over the last two wickets, wasting valuable time and runs.

But it doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

The three game series has been won 2-0, and keeps England as the worlds best test cricket side, just narrowly ahead of South Africa.

In July and August, England will face South Africa in a two-match series, probably to determine who has the right to that number one spot.

England are a very very good team. Youthful, energetic and most importantly, very good at doing their job on a cricket pitch and I can only see them getting better.

A huge boost, in my eyes, that they received is from the big hitting KP.

Kevin Pietersen retired from all forms of one-day cricket.

Now focussing on his test career, Pietersen will probably become the England vice-captain when Strauss is either dropped or retires, and Cook becomes captain.

I think this move shocked a lot of people, because usually it’s the reverse decision; people retire from test cricket because five days is ‘too stressful on the body’ – don’t forget, all the money is now in the limited overs side of the game.

But this decision shows that KP isn’t a money-hungry willow-wielding type of guy that some other players come across to be. But rather, he want’s England to be number one in test cricket, and all his attention will now be focussing on that.

The next ODI series against the West Indies will be critical.

It’ll show us exactly where England stand in relation to the other giants of the one-day cricketing world.

Although England are on top of the world in test and T20 competitions, they are wallowing in fourth for the 50 over version of the game, behind Australia, South Africa and India.

Something must be done to turn this around, and I hope that a fresh new breed of young English cricketer will rise up and carry England to that number one spot as well.


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