Hamilton wins Canadian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton recorded a special win in the Canadian Grand Prix.

He now leads the championship by two points, and is the seventh winner out of seven races – an unprecedented stat.

I don’t know why this years F1 is so wide open, unlike the past few years which have been dominated by only a couple of drivers, but in my mind, it’s what F1 is all about. Different drivers excelling at different points in the season, and letting the driving do the talking, rather than purely having a better car.

Obviously, being British, I’m a huge fan of Hamilton, Button and Di Resta, and I hope that any one of them can win this years title. It’s going to be extremely close though, it literally is anybodies to win!

This race had it all. Overtaking, expert tactics, mistakes, near misses and surprise podium places – an all-round perfect race for a spectator.

But the most important thing, in my mind, is that a Brit came out on top and is now sitting pretty on top of the standings ahead of the race in Spain on the 24th – one that Alonso will be looking to, to make amends for a poorly executed strategy and race overall in Montreal.

I’m really looking forward to the next race in Valencia, and even though this race was one of the closest and most gripping that there has been in the past few years, I expect this one to be just as hotly contested.

I couldn’t possibly say who I think the title will go to, because there are about five or six drives who could easily pull away from the group with a number of consecutive podium finishes and the others not finishing high enough in the points, or in the points at all.

I genuinely think that this season’s champion will be crowed at the last race, in Brazil in November, just as long as the winners keep alternating, it’s going to be a fascinating season.


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