Queen’s champion decided

Marin Cilic is the champion of Queen’s after David Nalbandian was disqualified after kicking out and injuring a line judge.

It was clear that the kick was accidental, but the rules state that if anybody is injured because of the fault of a player, then the game must be called off for unsportsmanlike conduct.

These people are professional sportspeople. If they can’t handle the pressures, the ups and the downs of the sport then they shouldn’t be playing.

Alright, there is a lot on the line, and for Nalbandian it was his first grass final in 10 years and no doubt the tens of thousands in prize money meant a lot too – which he’ll most likely have to repay in fines.

But rules are rules, right? You shouldn’t argue them, even if they seem the most pointless ones. If that rule wasn’t there, and any tennis player was annoyed by an incorrect decision by a line judge, then they should be allowed to go and beat the judge? Is that fair?

Nobody wanted to see the final end that way. Except for maybe the line judge who probably ended up needing stitches after seeing how much blood was gushing from the gash.

If he’d have just kept his cool, then Nalbandian would probably have won the tournament anyway. What was to get angry about?! He was a set up and had it all to play for in the second, just pure stupidity on his part.

And to make things better, in an interview with Sue Barker after the disqualification decision had been made, Nalbandian proceeded to attack the ATP tour organisation, saying that they “do a lot to the players and nothing happens.”

Like what!? Organise OPTIONAL tournaments all year round so you can make a hefty living from them? Oh those darn ATP events managers!

I’ll tell you what David, next time a process a transaction wrong at work, or send an email with a typo, I’ll come over and give you a good hiding? I think that sounds fair.

But enough of the rant.

Cilic has been crowned the AEGON Championships at Queen’s Club champion – albeit in difficult circumstances – but it will give him a good platform for preparation for Wimbledon.

I wonder if Nalbandian will be booed by the spectators? Feared by the ball boys/girls? Prejudiced by the line judges and umpire?

One thing is for sure, we’re going to get very bored, very quickly, of seeing the replay and it being a “talking point” when Wimbledon does start later this month.


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