Football fixtures released

The fixture lists for the 2012/13 football season have been released, throwing up a few opening day treats.

In the Premier League, Manchester City will start at home against the new boys Southampton, and their city rivals, United, will travel away to Everton.

The other newly promoted teams, West Ham and Reading, will play at home to Aston Villa and Stoke respectively. A kind fixture in relation to Southampton’s almost inevitable defeat.

The Championship has given us a few more tasty fixtures though.

Owen Coyle will return to Burnley with Bolton, which I’m sure will be a very hotly contested game.

There is a London derby in Crystal Palace and Watford, along with two ‘almost’ derbies in Leicester vs Peterborough and Derby vs Sheffield Wednesday.

My beloved Middlesbrough will start their Championship season away at Barnsley, where we hope that a promotion challenge will get off on the right foot.

We’re yet to find a winning combination of players and tactics since our time in the Championship began, but maybe this could be the season? Maybe.

Now the fixtures have been announced I can finally start to plan my season. What games I’m looking forward to the most, where’s going to be best to travel to and the general excitement of the football season getting underway.

It isn’t long now. August 18, Burnley 3pm, let’s be ‘aving you! Only 61 days to go!

It’s too early to make a prediction for which teams are going to do poorly and which ones are going to do well, so I’ll leave that post for later, but for now, it’s just cross your fingers and hope for some good signings time!


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