Heat in the box seat

Miami Heat have won game three and four of the NBA Finals to move within one more win of the Championship.

Oklahoma City Thunder now have it all to do, and can’t afford any more slip ups as they have to win the next remaining three games to win the championship.

Miami won a very close third game 91-85, snatching a 6pt win after what looked like a comeback was on the cards from the Thunder.

I would have been very disappointed if Miami had given up a lead and lost the game on their home court, but the defence pulled through and they managed to pull ahead in the race to four wins.

In game 4 the Thunder led for the majority of the game overall, but Miami managed to capitalize on some big mistakes Oklahoma made in relation to turnovers and clock management.

This was one of the closest games so far, with momentum and scoring going one way and the next.

Miami eventually managed to squeeze out a 6pt lead which would eventually win them the game.

LeBron James proved that it isn’t only football players who get cramp as he had to leave the floor for a few minutes to recover after working tirelessly all game, and that was proven with his fantastic figures of 26 points, 12 rebounds and nine assists.

It wasn’t just him who performed well though. Mario Chalmers and Dwyane Wade chipped in with 25 points each, an absolutely incredible effort considering the pain Wade was feeling after being hit hard on a play, and the foul trouble Chalmers was in. An all-round good team effort.

Take nothing away from the Thunder in game 4 though. Russell Westbrook had an amazing 43 points in the game, outscoring the mighty Kevin Durant. And that was probably the problem for OKC. If their main man isn’t scoring the most points and getting the most time on the ball, they aren’t going to win the game.

Only one more win is needed for Miami to take their first championship since 2006.  The Thunder NEED to pick up the pace if they want to make Miami really work for the title. Back to the basics of game 1 and they could really turn things around and make the final series one to remember.


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