Miami win NBA Championship 2012

The Miami Heat have won the 2012 NBA Playoff Finals 4-1, after coming from a game down to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It’s been a long time coming for LeBron James, but finally, at the age of 27, he’s won his first championship ring. And Chris Bosh at 28 has won his very first championship too.

The fifth and final game of the series was a close one, but the crowd made the difference on the night. The Heat crowd is often called one of the best in the NBA, and they create one of the most hostile arenas for teams to come and play, purely because of the noise and support they provide their home team with.

LeBron also won the MVP for the NBA Finals to go alongside the regular season MVP award, and with triple-double figures like 26pts, 11 rebounds and 13 assists, then it’s no wonder why he won it.

I think it was a good sporting gesture from Erik Spoelstra to play everyone on the night, so they all got a taste of the championship winning game, and absolutely every player played their heart out, on both teams.

For Miami, obviously the “big 3” were once again solid on defence and ruthless on offence, but it was the role players like Mike Miller and Shane Battier who helped drag the team away from the Thunder and end up with the Championship.

Miller alone scored 23 points, and making seven of his eight three-point attempts. For a player struggling through injury that was an absolutely epic effort.

The downfall for Oklahoma was clear to see. Too many missed shots.

Missed shots aren’t always a repercussion of a bad shooting day, but can be forced through good defence, and that’s what Miami are known for – their unbeatable defence.

Russel Westbrook almost single-handedly lost this particular game for the Thunder because of his absolutely terrible shooting stats; only four shots made out of 20 attempted. Alright, he made 11 of 13 freethrows, but if you’re not making the shots, you can’t keep shooting the ball.

Oklahoma have so many good shooters who could take the responsibility rather than having Westbrook drive to the basket every play.

Harden and Fisher are outstanding shooters, and I’m sure they would have been in a better position on a few plays for a drive and kick out for an open jump shot, rather than a contested layup with the hope of a foul.

Oh, and then there’s Kevin Durrant don’t forget.

32 points and he played all but 42 seconds of the game. What an effort, although it proved to be fruitless, the team can build on it and put in another big push to claim the NBA Championship next season.


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