Alonso wins home Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso won the Spanish Grand Prix in Valencia and becomes the first driver to win two races this season.

It was a race full of accidents, mistakes and maneuvers which was being dominated by Sebastian Vettel until his Red Bull suffered an alternator failure to throw the race wide open.

It was the same problem which forced Romain Grosjean to retire from the race when he was in second, making the fight for a podium place even more feisty.

The two British Mercedes racers both disappointed with their races; Jenson Button started ninth on the grid and finished eighth whilst Hamilton started in second but was effectively taken out by Maldonado who rammed into the side of him, taking out both of their cars.

That clash with Maldonado topped off a frustrating race for Hamilton, who lost places throughout the race, but none so annoying that when his pit team had yet another bad stop when the equipment, to lift the cars off the ground to replace the tyres, broke.

This mistake let Alonso pass him in the pit lane.

Schumacher earned his first podium finish since returning to the F1 scene which was nice to see, and it was good that Paul Di Resta finished in seventh, three places above his starting position.

If Di Resta continues to improve as he has done, then British racers will soon be dominating the Formula1 again.

The race was genuinely brilliant, and it was especially nice for Alonso to finally win in Valencia in front of his adoring home crowd.

I don’t understand why there were so many problems with cars in this race though. Obviously, when cars collide there are going to be punctures and snapped wings and bits of debris flying everywhere, but in this race there just seemed to be a constant stream of complications with one driver or another.

With this win, Alonso (111pts) takes the lead over Webber (91pts) but it is still all very tight between the top six.

Hopefully Di Resta, who is in 11th position, can make a push into the top 10.

It’s still early days in the season though and there are still 12 races to compete in, so it literally is anyone’s Championship.

Now it’s just a question of who wants to win it. It’s the closest Championship in years, and it could even come down tot he very last race. But that’s just me hoping.


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