Euro 2012: The semifinals

The semifinals of Euro 2012 have been played, setting up a tasty final between Spain and Italy on Sunday.

Spain pipped Portugal on penalties whilst Italy played Germany off the park. The two will meet in Kiev with it being next to impossible to choose between them. It’s going to be an exciting one!

Portugal 0 – 0 Spain (Spain win 4-2 on penalties)

The single worst game of the tournament so far. Excluding England’s loss of course! Barely any shots on target in the first 90 minutes, but then towards the end of the 120 the players tried to make it a little bit more exciting, but didn’t do very well.

None of the players were in very good form. Ronaldo wasn’t hitting the target, passes were going astray and one of the worst players in the tournament so far, in my eyes, once again failed to perform his duty, Gerard Pique. He’s been lazy and cocky in every game, making mistakes left, right and centre.

Neither team really deserved to win the game outright, so it was fitting that it went down to penalties. What baffles me is why Ronaldo didn’t get to take a penalty. There was obviously some sort of plan which went horribly wrong when Bruno Alves hit the bar with his penalty.

It was simple for Spain then, score the penalty and go through to the final. And that’s what they did. They celebrated as if they’d won the competition. I wouldn’t celebrate too hard yet with Italy to face, who have really turned it on now.

Germany 1 –  2Italy

Who would’ve thought that Italy would beat Germany, especially after the starts the two teams had to the competition. One thing is for certain, Balotelli definitely can rise to the big occasion, and make us laugh whilst doing it. I mean, what on earth was that celebration all about? Tear off your shirt and stare angrily after you’ve just walloped a screamer into the back of the net?

I know he said he doesn’t celebrate scoring a goal, because a postman doesn’t celebrate delivering letters, which is fair enough, I get his point, but it kind of makes you think he’s just in it for the money and the fame, rather than the joy of playing football and success on the pitch? I suppose I’m being naive as every young person wants to be a footballer to be a millionaire.

It was such a close game all the way through, chances for both sides missed, probably the best ones for Germany. There was a consolation penalty given at the end for a handball which was probably a bit harsh, Ozil converted but it was too late in the day for any real comeback for the Germans.

 Balotelli looked disappointed at the final whistle because he wasn’t on the pitch, but he pretty much dragged them through by himself. It is, of course, a team effort, but he put the ball in the net, and if you don’t score goals you don’t win games.

Are Italy now the favourites over Spain? We’ll soon find out…


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