Exiles retain Origin trophy

England’s rugby league team were deservedly defeated 32-20 by the Exiles to draw the series 1-1.

That meant that the Exiles retained the Origin trophy because they won the inaugural tie last year.From the first game, it looked like it was going to be a positive series for the England camp, but an overwhelming and overpowering Exiles side showed their experience and ran England off the pitch.

In preparation for the 2013 world cup, it’s good for any team to get in matches playing together and learning how everyone plays before a big competition. Especially one which is as inexperienced and young as the England team.

The youthful English players aren’t as used to the big stage as their foreign counterparts be that at domestic or international level, and the only answer to this is to have them play more games, regardless of the level of intensity or opposition.

But the upside from them learning the hard way is that hopefully they won’t do it again, or as often, in an important competition like the world cup. We’re massive underdogs anyway, but there’s no harm in trying.


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