Murray falls at the last

Andy Murray failed to make British dreams come true as he was outclassed in the Wimbledon final by the world’s greatest, Rodger Federer.

After winning the first set against the Swiss maestro, Murray supporters could have been forgiven for letting their hearts and minds run away with themselves. But Federer turned his slow start into a masterclass of shots worthy of beating any opponent and winning any title.

Murray broke out in tears when he was addressing the crowd in his on-court post-match interview with Sue Barker in an emotion-fuelled speech, which no doubt tugged at the heart strings of many hardcore tennis fans.

The question now is: What is Andy Murray?

Apart from the obvious – another British disappointment – has the media and public reverted him back to “that Scottish lad”, or is he still the British number one who won over the hearts of everyone in his quest for grass court glory?

I don’t say disappointment in the sense that he’s been to four grand slam finals and only won one set. I say disappointment because Britain’s athletes never seem to be able to produce the goods in any of the major sports.

Apart from the cricket and arguably the golf, where British golfers currently dominate the top few spots after Tiger Woods’ years of reign, there isn’t a British or English national team who’s performing well AND winning. Formula 1, rugby (union and league) football, tennis and basketball are all miles behind other countries.

I hope that our athletics and Olympic teams manage to restore a bit of pride in British sports this summer.

With a massive backing behind them, they simply must win medals, no excuses.

There is obviously the masses of pressure piled onto our athletes by the media, but surely it’s warranted?

They’re performing on the world stage for their country, and they all say they’re aiming for gold, so they must think they’re good enough to win it, otherwise they wouldn’t lie like that and get the unnecessary attention?

It’s only 19 days to go, and Murray will be back in London tearing up the tennis courts hoping to restore pride in himself as much as anything else by getting a gold in the tennis.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Murray, and to me it’ll be a shame to not have any good British male players if Scotland manage to get their independence.

The last good English player was Tiger Tim – he managed a silver medal at the Olympics, can Andy go one more?

Fingers crossed it isn’t another finals disappointment.


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