British drivers disappoint at Silverstone

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Paul Di Resta all disappointed at Silverstone as Mark Webber took the win.

Di Resta was unlucky to crash out after just four laps of the race, but Button and Hamilton’s wish for adverse weather conditions – to help them push up the leaderboard – wasn’t granted, as the sun shone all day.

Having started on pole position and leading for 95% of the race, Fernando Alonso looked a shoe-in for his third win of the season, but some expert overtaking manouvers from Australian Mark Webber with just four laps to go meant the Spaniard could only manage second place.

Lewis Hamilton started and finished eighth, and his McLaren team mate managed to grab one point, as he finished 10th, up eight places from his starting position on the grid.

Alonso’s gap at the top of the Championship has been cut down to 13 points, as Webber closes the gap. Hamilton is in fourth with 92, whilst Button has dropped to eight with 50.

It wasn’t a massively exciting race for the bulk of it, but once the pit stop tactics came into play, everything heated up.

Hamilton seemed to last forever with his softer tyres, but had to come in to change to hard, as the drivers have to use all their tyres.

Whilst everyone had pitted, Hamilton led the race for a while, before his wearing tyres gave way for Alonso to overtake, although Hamilton had the fight in him to test the Spaniards driving skills through the corners.

The Silverstone track is steeped in tradition, but the two main, experienced British races – who practically promised to win the race – failed to deliver in the terrible weather conditions of qualifying.

Their cars seem to have stopped being as fast as the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s over the past few races, and major work needs to be done in order to make themselves heard, not only in the drivers championship, but the constructors one too.


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