Heat look to sharpshooters

The Miami Heat have been very active in the NBA off-season so far, acquiring two top veteran shooters.

Ray Allen, 36, and Rashard Lewis, 32, have both signed deals with Miami within the last week, as the Florida based organisation set out to prove they’re not one trick ponies.

Last season, Miami were known for their unbelievable defence and fast-break attacks, but struggled when it came to the half-court game.

Signings like Lewis and Allen is a definite sign to the rest of the league, that they’re going for another title this year.

Heat also had a second-round draft pick, and chose to go with the 7ft centre Justin Hamilton.

As Eddy Curry, Ronny Turiaf and Juwan Howard are now free agents, Miami are definitely lacking height.

To truly compete in the half court game, they really do need a proven centre.  The only real height at centre they have is Dexter Pittman and Joel Anthony, and neither are particularly experienced or tall for that position.

There is Bosh, but he’s more of a drifting forward than a post player with the Heat.

I can’t quite make up my mind with the Heat starting five next season.

Wade and Allen at guards, with LeBron and Lewis at forwards, then Bosh at centre? That’ll probably be the run-and-gun quick-fire fast break five, but I really do think they’ll need to acquire a big strong centre before the season starts. Otherwise teams with two or three post players are going to slowly grind them down and dominate them.

The 2012 NBA draft gave New Orleans Hornets the opportunity to pick forward Anthony Davis, whilst his University of Kentucky team-mate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who is also a forward, went to Charlotte Bobcats.

There is still a long time to go until the season starts, but already there are some tasty trades surfacing which is sure to make for an exciting 2012/13 season.



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