Best bearded sportsmen

Facial hair in sports is quite rare, but when a sports star grows a beard, they go full-on fuzz.

So let’s take a look at some of the “best” beards in the business around in basketball, Formula 1, cricket, golf, rugby and football.


James Harden.

You’ll see him at the Olympics playing for Team USA.  He’s grown his beard for three years now, after he got too lazy to shave.

His beard has it’s own twitter page and is the topic of many Oklahoma City Thunder T-shirts. FEAR THE BEARD.


Chris Anderson.

Otherwise known as “Birdman” is not only tattooed to the eyeballs, but also has a funky little chin fuzz going on.

After being expelled from the NBA for drugs in 2006, he was reinstated in 2008.


Formula 1

Fernando Alonso.

The two-time formula 1 world champion grew this sexy Spanish accessory in 2010, but he decided to shave it off when getting back into “race mode”.


Mark Webber.

The Australian F1 driver was snapped here with a full beard, and a very lazy-looking cat.

I’m not sure why, where or when, but to my knowledge he’s never raced with a beard anywhere near as full as this one



Hashim Amla.

One of the best international batsmen around at the moment.

Playing for South Africa, he recently scored an unbeaten 311 on their way to annihilating England in the first test.


Saeed Anwar.

Another upper order batsmen, but this time, Pakistani.

Anwar retired from cricket in 2003, and is now an islamist preacher across Pakistan.




Hunter Mahan.

Currently fourth in the world, Mahan is part of the “Golf Boys” (along with Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Bubba Watson) who have a YouTube video to the song “Oh Oh Oh”.

Enough said.

Lucas Glover.

Winner of the 2009 US Open, Glover is one of the lesser-known American golfers currently ranked 145th.



Adam Kleeberger.

What an amazing name for starters, and a hefty ginger beard to boot.

The Canadian rugby union player has 35 caps for his country, and I’m sure nobody messes with him or his beard.


Sebastien Chabal.

The one. The only. French tank.

He is an absolute monster, standing at 6ft 3 and 18 stone.

Having played over 60 times for his country, he is now usually utilised as an impact sub. Just for when they need someone with the power of a ox to bulldoze his way over the line.



Alex Song Billong.

Not only did he die his hair, he grew a beard and died that too.

Isn’t he just a delight to look at?

He’s played over 100 times for Arsenal in a number of positions, but is known for a rash tackle here and there.

Abel Xavier.

A Portuguese full-back who played for Everton, Liverpool and Middlesbrough.

Known for his fiery hairstyles, and even fiery style of play, Xavier finished his career in 2008 with LA Galaxy.

Xavier failed an anabolic steriod test whilst at Middlesbrough and was banned for 12 months. He re-signed for Boro, but was released at the end of that year.


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