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London 2012: The real winners

The USA have won the London Olympic Games, with China a close second. But the real winners of the 2012 Olympics aren’t the ones with medals around their necks.

These games were the first that Arab women were allowed to compete. This has set new standard for women’s rights in Arab countries, and gives a promising outlook for the future of those countries. Read More…


GB’s best Olympics ever?

Great Britain have surpassed the number of medals won in Beijing in 2008, but still have some way to go to top the number won at London 1908.

Team GB have made this the second most successful games in terms of medal hauls, with 48 already and five days of competition left. But in 1908, Great Britain massed a huge 146 medals, including 56 gold, 51 silver and 39 bronze. Read More…

England draw second test

England managed to wait out a draw at Headingly to keep the three-match test series with South Africa at 1-0.

The South Africans are still ahead and are the favourites to win the series, which would put them back as the number one ranked team at test match level. Read More…

Medals trickle in for GB

Team GB have started to get themselves a few medals coming into the first full week of competition.

After grabbing a silver medal in the women’s road race, GB have gained medals in the equestrian, gymnastics, rowing and swimming events. Read More…

Hamilton wins Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton managed to hold onto his pole position start to win the Hungarian Grand Prix.

It was the Brit’s second win of the season and he led all the way from the beginning, but had to hold off a strong fightback from the Finnish Raikkonen. Read More…

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