England just can’t lose

The third ODI between England and Australia was washed out, meaning England can’t lose the series.

After an initial delay to the game, with reduced overs planned, the game was called off without a ball being bowled as the rain was relentless throughout the day.

England will be without inspirational spinner Graeme Swann for the final two ODI’s as he is suffering from a sore elbow.

Tredwell will replace Swann, but apparently that was the plan anyway because England wanted Swann rested for the test series against South Africa.

Chester-le-Street is the destination for the next ODI, which takes place on Saturday.

The last time I attended an ODI at Chester-le-Street I think it was Pakistan vs Australia (although I may be wrong)  but it was washed out anyway. The weather was typical Northern England summer. Chucking it down.

Fingers crossed the weather won’t be like that again, and England can come away with yet another win to boost confidence, morale and expectation ahead of the South Africa series, which starts on July 19.

It’s a vital series because South Africa are only slightly behind England in the ICC rankings, but have played 16 games fewer.

If England want to hold on to their number one spot when South Africa have reached the same number of games played, then they need every bit of help they can, starting with some good wins against them in their own series.

Hopefully, without any injuries and some solid home support, England can come away with yet another home series win.

But first, we have to concentrate on the task at hand, which is sending the Aussies back home with their tails between their legs after suffering a 4-0 thrashing, putting England right back in the mix with the best ODI teams in the world.


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